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This is an exciting time for AAA Scholarship Foundation! Keep checking our website and Like us on Facebook to keep up with all of the updates that we are sending out about the new application season!


               ALABAMA - Click here - and apply NOW!!!

                 ARIZONA - Click here - and apply NOW!!!

 ARIZONA - Disabled/Displaced-Click here - and apply NOW!!!

            PENNSYLVANIA - Click here - and apply NOW!!!

***Note: Any
students transferring from another Tax Credit Scholarship Program must have a "Certificate of Eligibility toTransfer" form in order to complete your application.  Click here to download the form. 

- Fully Renewing Households
(fully qualified in 2011)Unfortunately, AAA will not be accepting applications to renew your scholarship this 2014-2015 school year.  On March 27, 2014, AAA mailed out a letter to the families that were affected along with a "Certificate of Eligibility to Transfer" and an SSO list.  Please contact our office if you have not received this packet in your mailbox.  We want what is best for our families and so we are recommending that you contact other Georgia Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO) to determine if you can transfer or apply to them for a scholarship.  ARETE Scholarship also does not have funding for 2014-15 and we encourage our parents to please contact other organizations on the SSO list here -  

- Waitlisted Households - On March 31, 2014, a notice was mailed to your household along with the Student Scholarship Organization (SSO) list. Please contact our office if you have not received this notice in your mailbox.  ARETE Scholarship also does not have funding for the 2014-15 and we encourage our parents to please contact other organizations on the SSO list here - 

- New Households - There will be no applications accepted for the 2014-2015 school year.

 *The Following is a list of Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO's) with funding available -  
   (will update list if we are notified by the SSO

- Pay It Forward Scholarships - Please call or visit their website for more information.  
  Phone: 770-534-3611 ~ Website: 

 *Disclaimer: AAA Scholarship Foundation does not endorse or is a part of any other Student Scholarship Organizations (SSO).  This is for informational purposes only.


Our wonderful donors enable AAA Scholarship Foundation the privilege of providing scholarships to economically-disadvantaged families so that they have access to the best educational options for their children’s academic achievement.

These scholarships are funded by companies and individuals who care about their community and want to invest in quality educational choices for those who otherwise would not be able to afford them. 

Donors receive tax credits for the amounts they contribute to the program.

Call us today to find out how YOUR COMPANY can TAKE CREDIT for changing a student's life and helping our communities.

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AAA Scholarships in:
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Some state caps are almost exhausted for the year !!Reserve your credits TODAY!!!
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AAA Scholarships in:
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Our Mission:

To Provide Economic and Other Assistance to Economically-Disadvantaged Families to Enable Them to Select the Best Schools for Their Children. 



Offices: Arizona • Florida • Georgia • Pennsylvania • Alabama
Corporate Office Address:  13528 Prestige Place, Suite 107, Tampa, FL 33635
Phone and Fax: (888) 707-2465

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