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***********************************Summary of How AAA Scholarships Work************************************
 1.   Parent completes scholarship application.
 2.   Parent mails completed application, support and non-refundable fee to processing company.
 3.   Processing company processes application and notifies parent of determination or requests additional information.
 4.   If scholarship is denied, the processing company mails a denial letter to parent mailing address.
 5.   If scholarship is approved, the processing company mails an award letter and School Commitment Form (SCF) to parent mailing
 6.   Parent brings award letter and SCF to eligible school to complete before deadline.
 7.   School completes SCF and returns it to AAA before deadline.
 8.   Student attends school regularly.
 9.   Four (4) times per school year, AAA sends each school a Verification Report (VR) to complete and return before the deadline  
       noting whether the student has been attending regularly and whether the scholarship family is current on all monies privately
       owed to the school.
10.  AAA processes scholarship payments for students who meet VR requirements.
11.  School receives scholarship check and stamps them with "For Deposit Only" then notifies parents to come to school to
       restrictively endorse scholarship check to school.
12.  School deposits check into school bank account.

This is just a brief summary.  Please refer to the Parent and School Handbook which are located in the Parent tabs above for each state. 


AAA Scholarship Foundation (AAA), a private non-profit 501(c)(3) organization is an approved Scholarship Organization in the states of Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania.

AAA awards Private School Tax Credit Scholarships to eligible students entering from eligible households to help them attend an eligible private school of their choice.

The scholarships may be used to pay for tuition and fees in Alabama, Georgia, and Pennsylvania.  In Arizona the scholarships may be used to pay for tuition. An AAA family may not accept a scholarship from more than one Scholarship Organization for the same time period.

AAA scholarships ARE NOT TUITION VOUCHERS. Tuition vouchers are government-funded and the payments come from the government. AAA Scholarships are funded by companies and individuals who care about their communities. 

Scholarships are not awarded to schools. Scholarships are awarded to eligible households for eligible students. The household decides to which eligible private school to send their student(s).

Failure by an AAA family to enroll their student in an eligible private school after they have been awarded a scholarship will result in the loss of the scholarship. It is the responsibility of the household to determine if the chosen school is meeting their student(s) needs; if the school is not meeting their needs they should transfer their student at any time during the school year or for the next school year if deemed eligible to renew. The scholarship follows the student(s) to any eligible school as long as the household is eligible.

DO NOT enroll your child into a private school until you have actually received a AAA SCHOLARSHIP AWARD LETTER and School Commitment Form (SCF)! Funding is not guaranteed. If you enroll your child before receipt of a SCF, you will be responsible for their tuition and may not qualify for future scholarship funding.

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